Download Xender For Windows, PC, Android apk & Web Xender

Download Xender For Windows, PC, Android apk & Web Xender

Download Xender For Windows, PC, Android apk & Web Xender

Xender’s Profile

Name: Xender

Developer(s): S.S Chandwara

Lokesh Narwani

Tingu Urf Tikiya

Type: Mobile Application

Available in: 22 languages

Development status: Active

Size: 7.42MB

Stable release: 3.1.2015

Written in: Java, Objective-C

Operating system: Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Tizen

License: Proprietary


Download Xender For Windows, PC, Android apk & Web Xender

Xender has been around for a lot of time, but many people know less about Xender couple with the fact that the rich application is almost available in all operating System ranging from windows to Android and iPhone.

Is shocking that many people don’t know that the Xender they use in there smartphone to share a file’s with friends can equally be used in their computer’s or Pc for the same purpose.


For us not to waste much of your time this post will explain and provide a download link Xender Windows version which are compatible with Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10, Xender Android apk free download and iPhone download link for Xender.

What Is Xender Application

Xender is merely an application that can be used to share/transfer files between devices with lightning-like speed. There are many other applications with the related purpose, but the app is the best in almost all bifurcations.

Xender Review

For the fact that Xender application connects different devices to share application and different files between them. Xender was established by the Xender Team previously known as Xender app is available in a different operating system such as Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows and Mac cross-platform transferring. This application is available in 22 languages.

This application was firstly found in Asia, China to be specific. The release was in 2012 and was known as Shan Chuan. Despite being known as Flash Share Or Flash Transfer in a different part of the world except for China. The app’s name was officially renamed to Xender in 2013 after it was made available in different languages.

This application performs its task with the use of WiFi when sharing files. It grew to be the most favoured file transfer app months after its appearance. Xender’s was much appreciated because of its transfer speed that is far better than Bluetooth’s. To utilize this application, there is no need for USB connection and PC software installation. The highest speed it can attain is 10M/S.

This application gives cross-platform files sharing support. It also elucidates connections of tablets & PC/Mac & phones. It also enables the transfer of files between iOS, Android, Tizen and Windows operating systems; This is one of the best features of this application that other file transfer apps fall to have.

Xender is available in the following languages:

Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Xender’s Transferable FIles

Below is the list of Flies Transferable with The Help of Xender’s App

  • Musics
  • Games
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Applications
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Text messages

For all intents and purposes everything is transferable in this application, however the two gatherings (sender and collector) must have the application on their smartphone.

How to transfer files using this app

When you want to share/transfer files utilizing the application:

  1. Open the application on the two smartphones.
  2. One individual ought to make a connection(making a connection is called creating a Group by the application).
  3. At the point when the gadgets are connected, the sender should tap on the files to be sent, and the beneficiary gets them in a split second.

The speed of the transfer relies upon the size of the document sent, however, in any case, the transfer will be quick. Users may likewise interface more than two devices in the meantime to share persistently.

File transfer methods

There is two method file can be transferred on Xender, This are:

1. Shake: This enables the user to select a file and then shake the phone. The chosen files will be transferred to a connected phone, after the process.

2. Group: This allows the user to choose files and transfers them to more than one connected device at the same time. The highest number of multiple transfers is five connected devices.

Features of

  • Users can share all apps and folders with the help of Xender.
  • The application completely free; there are no charges for transmissions.
  • This application holds a history of the Received and Sent files.
  • The application permits the transfer of files between single and multiple connected devices at once.
  • The swipe and share feature of the application allows quick transfer of files by just shaking the connected sender’s devices.

Xender’s available versions

Below are the all versions that the applications have in different OS:

Android version

This version of the application is compatible with devices running on an Android operating system. The application’s apk is an android application best consistent for ultra-fast file sharing between Android devices and many other smartphones.

Download Xender For Android


Xender for Windows’ phones

This version of the application is only compatible and available for windows‘ phones. The app is a window’s phone application best compatible for ultra-fast file transmissions between window’s devices and other smartphones.

iPhone version

This version of the application is compatible with only iPhones. This version of the app is an iPhone’s application best compatible with ultra-fast file transmissions between iPhones and other smartphones.

Xender for PC

This version helps to share files with mobile phones to Personal Computers (PCs) with the aid of blue stacks application on PCs. This feature gives it the name “Xender for PC”.

How to install and setup the application

  • Download Xender application. (Your download steps depends on your operating system).
  • After downloading completely, install the app.
  • Launch the application and follow the guideline below.
  • Click on the red icon on the lower right side on your screen.
    Then click “Create Now”.
  • After that, click on “Search Group” on the other device.
  • Then select the created group.
  • When you’re through with the above processes, you can now send as many files as you wish to the other connected device(s).


That’s all on Download Xender For Windows, PC, Android apk & Web Xender, if you have any questions make use of our comment box.

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