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How to Buy on ASOS from Nigeria: Review, Delivery Charges and Tracking

How to Buy on ASOS from Nigeria: Review, Delivery Charges and Tracking

You can now buy on ASOS from Nigeria is a dream come through for most of Nigerian that shop online, ASOS is the best place to shop for your clothes, jewellery and so many other things including make-up kit lol for ladies only. I know you have been wondering how to get your order delivered to you when here in Nigeria when you buy on ASOS. Well if that is what brought you here among so many other things all I need is your attention and for you to focus and read to the end because this article will answer so many of questions without much talk and waste your time let’s get down to the business.

What Is ASOS ?

ASOS is an e-commerce website based in the UK, and they deliver to any nation worldwide. Ever since a search for Desert Boots on Google led me to the site, I’ve shopped with them several times, and I will be writing on how to buy on ASOS from Nigeria and all you need to know continue below as we unwrap the cake for you.



ASOS is arguably the best e-commerce website I’ve patronised so far, and the intellect is not far-fetched, apart from their fluid and smooth site, they also have a mobile app (android here and IOS here) with which you can shop quickly on. ASOS sells virtually anything to both women and men and a lot of brand materials as shown below. ASOS are also the masters of giving discounts on products as a day nearly passes without seeing things like 20%, 50%, 10% off etc. on their products.


All products on ASOS are genuine, and top quality and you are getting a good value for your money, I have bought from them before am talking out of the experience. Their service is excellent better than most of the domestic online shopping e-commerce site.

How to Buy on ASOS from Nigeria

To buy on ASOS, visit their website at If you are a new user, sign up with your email address on the site and fill in the necessary details in the My Account section. Make sure to fill in your shipping and billing address, contact information and preferences and also your payment method. Filling all these will ensure you have a smooth shopping experience.


When shopping on ASOS, you have the option of choosing a currency preference – The British Pound, The US Dollar or a Canadian Dollar. Since I have the GTBank Dollar Card, I decided to go with US Dollar or a Canadian Dollar. Since I have the GTBank Dollar Card, I chose the US Dollar.

If you have just the standard Naira MasterCard you can just leave the default currency as it is, it works just as well, and after making payment, your bank will subtract the Naira equivalent.

ASOS Free Delivery to Nigeria and ASOS Express Delivery to Nigeria Review

After you’ve made the choice of the items you want to purchase on ASOS and you’ve added to cart, you have the option of choosing either of the available two delivery methods.

ASOS Express Delivery to Nigeria

The express delivery takes a maximum of 4 days; this means you get your goods on or before the 4th day after which you made your order. First time I shopped on ASOS I chose this method; I was charged $31.58 for the express delivery, and I got the goods delivered to the shipping address I filled in My Account section. ASOS express delivery is managed by a UK company called DPD and you are provided with a tracking number, after your goods get to Nigeria it will be delivered by a courier company called Aramex. I got my goods precisely the fourth day, brand new and sealed.


ASOS Free Delivery to Nigeria – How to Buy on ASOS From Nigeria

The free delivery takes 10 -14 days, and DPD also handles it, then Aramex when it gets to Nigeria. Sometimes when what you ordered is not much, ASOS sends it via the Local Poster Service (NIPOST), and you need to go to the nearest post office closet to you most times to claim your package in time. When you spend more than $20 on ASOS delivery is free, but when you pay below that, you will be charged $3 for delivery.


In both times I’ve shopped on ASOS, I have spent above $200.

A typical ASOS package

That is how to buy on ASOS from Nigeria. If you have any question make use of our comment box below or DM ASOS Twitter help @ASOS_HeretoHelp


ASOS package


NEW DEVELOPMENT: There has been a development, Aramex says if what you ordered costs $250 and above you will be charged a Customs Duty Payment. If you want to avoid paying this and your order is above $250, its best to split it into two and make the order twice.

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