How To Use DsTv Now App To Stream Live TV And Catch Up Movies For FREE

How To Use DsTv Now App To Stream Live TV And Catch Up Movies For FREE

The app is free and enables you to stream live TV for free in full HD. The app is available for both Android and iOS. Well, know how to set it up even without having a DStv decoder or DStv smart card.

How To Use DsTv Now App To Stream Live TV
How To Use DsTv Now App To Stream Live TV

This article comprises all you have to know about the Dstv Now App, How To Download and Use it to stream your choice of DStv shows straight from your Android powered or iOS-powered devices.

What is the DStv Now App?

DStv Now App is a service from multichoice which is the parent organization of DStv. DStv Now App empowers you to watch your most loved TV show, Programs, football coordinates all from your cell phone or tablet. You can likewise watch the Dstv channels from your PC or tablet by getting to the DStv Now site. For whatever length of time that you have a Device with a quick web association, regardless of whether 3G or 4G LTE (4G LTE would be prescribed altogether not to continue buffering at interims).

In any case, there is a bend to this component. You can’t merely Open the DStv Now App or Visit the DStv site and begin gushing their channels for nothing. You can utilize the DStv Now App or Website on the off chance that you as of now have a DStv decoder at home with an active Subscription, it must be DStv Premium, DStv Compact or DStv Compact Plus.

Firstly, You are required to have one of the following below:

● Android Smartphone, Tablet or TV Device Running Version 4.1 or Higher

● iPads/iPhone/iPod Touch running iOS 9 or higher.

What Do I Need To Use The DStv Now App?

● An active Dstv Subscription (Dstv Premium, Dstv Compact or Dstv Compact Plus)

● A Strong Internet Connection. (Preferably Connected via Wi-Fi to 4G LTE Mi-Fi or Wi-Fi router)

● An Active Data Plan. (Preferably, Unlimited)

● The Dstv Now App.

● A DStv Connect ID. (You can get this by registering with your Card number)

How to Use DsTv Now App to Stream Live TV and Catch Up Movies for FREE

How To Use DsTv Now App To Stream Live TV
How To Use DsTv Now App To Stream Live TV

● Download The Dstv Now For Android or Download The Dstv Now For iOS.

How To Use DsTv Now App To Stream Live TV
How To Use DsTv Now App To Stream Live TV

● Open The DStv Now App and Log In if you have registered before and skip the next step. If not, then Select Register.

● If you have a Dstv Decoder then select that you have one, then Fill The necessary form. (input your country, Smart card number etc) and Register.

Now search for the TV show you want to watch and click on it. Or you can navigate to the Live TV section to see the shows airing at the moment and choose from the list.

● You can either choose to stream now or Download to watch at a later time.

● That’s it, you are watching Dstv Channels on your Smartphone/Tablet/Android or Apple TV.

There is also a Catch-Up Section a place you can watch any of your favorite newly aired show. You can either Download it or stream it online as long as the show was broadcast within the last 28 days.

You also reach out to the DStv Now Website and watch DStv channels Via your PC or MacBook but only on chosen browsers which include Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Any browser you expect to use must be renewed to the freshest version.

The only downside in using a PC instead of the Dstv Now App for Android and iOS is that can not Download videos to be watched at a later time. You can stream live.

Note: You can watch Live TV using the Dstv Now App on four devices, But only Two can be done simultaneously.


You can watch some chosen channels on the DStv Now App/Website if you don’t own DStv decoder at home. Or also if you do, without an active Subscription on it.



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