How To Use Dual SIM on iPhone XS and XS Max Step By Step Guide

How To Use Dual SIM on iPhone XS and XS Max Step By Step Guide

This article will educate you on how to use Dual SIM on iPhone XS and XS Max; You will agree with me that you’re here to know How To Use Dual SIM on iPhone XS and XS Max. Well, all I need from you is undivided attention as we unfold the packages we have for you in today’s article.

Use Dual SIM on iPhone XS and XS Max

A few days ago Apple Completed their event; The new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were in a display in the just concluded Apple event, and it was quite interesting because for the first time we saw Apple device that supports dual SIMs, making it first of its kind. I must confess Apple is feeling the heat from other Android rivals i guess they don’t have any other option than to include the dual sim feature in their latest smartphone. However, this may not work in most countries depending on your location.

People in the United States have their own iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max comes with a single natural SIM slot. Notwithstanding, it’s also expanded with an eSIM. This implies that one of the Network carriers you want to use need to be in support of the eSIM inclination. Well, this the only option way to use the Dual SIM function, most notably in the US. But its a welcome development as this will make most of the network carriers in the United States to embrace the eSIM technology.

How To Use Dual SIM on iPhone XS and XS Max

To be able to use the Dual SIM on iPhone XS and XS Max, the device obligated to be unlocked first of all. Whether Verizon or Sprint is your network carrier; Fascinating right? Yes! Your second SIM will not support CDMA. To begin using the eSIM, you ought to activate your cellular plan with a QR code provisioned by your network carrier. You can equally store additional one eSIM in your device, but you must use just one at at the moment.

Use Dual SIM on iPhone XS and XS Max

Nevertheless, there is a global version for other markets like Macau, China, Hong Kong, and others. iPhone XS and XS Max global version will permit you to use Dual SIMs on iPhone XS and XS Max smoothly unlike the USA version. The dual SIM will sit on top of each other in the slot, and it supports Dual SIM Dual Standby as well. This will allow you to make and receive calls on both lines, though, whenever you’re on a call and there’s an incoming call on the other number, it will go to voicemail.

To make the SIM card more easy to identify you can label them and choose one as your main line or default sim. Furthermore, bear in mind that the second line will only be accessible for data. Each time you want to make call contact, iPhone will choose the same number you used last time to make it more comfortable and carefree.


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