I Loved Godzilla Minus One, But I Never Want The Monsterverse To Be Anything Like It

Although I admired Godzilla Minus One's work with the King of Monsters, I don't want it to impact the Monsterverse. Godzilla Minus One has better reviews than other Monsterverse flicks.   

Minus One was praised, but Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire and King of the Monsters were ridiculed. Successful is an understatement.  

Awards show the 2023 film's quality. First Godzilla film to win an Oscar for Best Visual Effects was Minus One.   

Its human story was praised, atypical for big monster flicks. Godzilla Minus One is great, too. I never thought the Monsterverse could do this despite its touching story, magnificent sights, and real Godzilla.  

Legendary's Monsterverse flicks have moved beyond the 1954 classic's solemnity to monster mayhem. Compare Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire to Godzilla Minus One.   

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Godzilla Minus One revisits the 1954 film and Heisei episodes' darker themes. Although distinct, the Monsterverse doesn't denigrate Godzilla.  

I think the Monsterverse honors Godzilla's past. It resembles Toho's Showa Godzilla.   

Godzilla's apparent shouting at Mothra and his usage of a boulder in a volleyball game with Rodan show that Toho became more kid-friendly with Ghidorah in 1964.   

Godzilla x Kong's ending with Godzilla and Kong batting Skar King inspired me of that.  

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