Superman Set Photos Reveal First Look At Rachel Brosnahan's Lois Lane

New Superman set photos show Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane in James Gunn's DC Universe. Gunn and Peter Safran's company is making Warner Bros. Chapter 1 movies and TV shows to establish the DC Universe.   

Discovery. First DC Universe film Superman stars David Corenswet as the live-action Man of Tomorrow.  

New footage from Gunn's Superman reboot is emerging as main photography continues for another month. After missing filming, Brosnahan's Lois Lane in Gunn's franchise appears in new set photos (via DCVerso1).  

An actor wears Lois' purple as she departs a spaceship. Home of DCU posted Wendell Pierce as Perry White exiting the ship for the first time.  

These Superman photos may show whose ship they're departing. Mister Terrific appeared in Superman filming images.   

What Ship Are Lois Lane & Perry White Are Coming Out Of?

Edi Gathegi's comic-accurate Michael Holt outfit debuted. During Superman action sequences, the ship could belong to Mister Terrific.  

A strange set piece in other Superman photos may be Mister Terrific's T-Sphere ship from the comics. Superman's denouement may feature Mister Terrific's spacecraft if the photos are from the film's finale.   

Since Mister Terrific saved them, Perry and Lois may reunite. Mister Terrific is one of the many heroes confirmed for the Superman movie, so it would be wonderful if this spacecraft is his.   

The DC Universe is already embracing Michael's comics.  Merced's Hawkgirl and Nathan Fillion's Green Lantern may arrive in the next days. But until then, the world must wait to see what Superman reveals as production wraps down.  

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