What Was The First Video Game

What Was The First Video Game: The market for computer games is a big part of the entertainment business today. More and more people are playing video games at home. Popular games like “Fortnite” and “Call of Duty” keep people interested.


What Was The First Video Game

Video games are still pretty new, though. They came out after TV and movies, and they’ve changed a lot in the last few years.

What was the first video game? Who came up with it and when? From Atari’s “Pong” to today’s more advanced consoles, this is a look back at the past of video games.


What was the first video game? 

The American Physics Society says that physicist William Higinbotham made what they think was the first video game in October 1958. There are, however, different accounts that say the title should go to older, simpler games.


Higinbotham’s game was a lot like tennis and was just called “Tennis for Two.” There are a lot of similarities between it and the famous video game “Pong” from the 1970s.

Higinbotham worked with technician Robert Dvorak to make the game. They were both part of the equipment group at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Even though this was a very innovative idea, Higinbotham wasn’t really a game creator. His work was mostly about controlling nuclear weapons.


Who invented video games? 

William Higinbotham, a physicist, is said to have created the first video game.


Because Higinbotham never filed a patent for his work, Sanders Associates got the first patent for a video game in 1964.

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When was the first video game made? 

October 18, 1958. “Tennis for Two” by William Higinbotham was shown at Brookhaven National Laboratory’s yearly visitors days.

However, Higinbotham’s game only lasted for two years. In the 1970s, video game systems that were more like the ones we use today became much more popular with a bigger audience.


Is Pong the first video game? 

Contrary to what most people think, Pong, an Atari game, was not the first video game. The Museum of Play, on the other hand, says it is the first video game to get “wide-scale public attention.”

The name comes from the fact that the game looks a lot like Ping-Pong. It was first played in bars and restaurants as a coin-operated video game.


In 1975, Atari put out a Sears Catalog with a version of the game that could be played at home. A huge number of people played the game.

That first prototype of Pong was tried out in a bar in Sunnyvale, California, called Andy Capp’s Tavern.


When did Pong come out? 

The first “Pong” game that looked like an arcade game came out in 1972. Atari released that version for play at home three years later, in 1975. It was called “Home Pong.”

Nolan Bushnell, who started Atari, came up with the idea for the game. It was up to engineer Allan Alcorn to make it happen.


What was the first video game company? 

In 1964, Sanders Associates got the first patent for a video game. In the early 1970s, gaming company Magnavox bought the invention from Sanders Associates and started making video game systems.



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